ice cream soaps

New Ice Cream Party Soaps!

We love creating beautiful and fun soaps and these Ice Cream Party soaps are now one of our all-time favourites – they look like tasty soft-serve ice cream, but don’t try to eat them! The cone is chocolate and the soft-serve is coconut cream. Long lasting and highly moisturizing, these soaps are sure to keep you happy in the bath.

If you have trouble using our beautiful soaps then buy one to look at and smell and one to use in the bath!

Chocolate Coconut Cream – Ice Cream Party

Wonderfully smooth and moisturizing! Contains cocoa butter, shea butter, apricot oil, organic olive oil, rice bran oil, and scented with coconut and chocolate fragrances, coloured with natural Annatto and activated charcoal, titanium dioxide powder. Pick up curb side and delivery options available. Price does not include shipping.


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